Shift Your Mind


Emotional Wellness is just as important as your physical health.

In order to shift, we need to look at all aspects of ourselves. We often pay more attention to the physical symptoms in our body, but the emotional aspects are just as important to address. 

At Shift addressing the emotional side of a client’s story is something that we hold high importance on. We want to take a look at your internal dialogue, the emotions you experience, your triggers and your mental health. Sometimes, you need to make a mind shift. 

Emotional issues are not isolated to anxiety and depression. While these are major issues that need to be addressed, often emotional distress can be more subtle. Some examples of things that can derail your health are:

  • Feeling ungrounded because you don’t have security in an area of your life
  • Relationship issues, even if small
  • Not feeling supported in an area of your life
  • Not having healthy boundaries (which means you are constantly being pushed outside of what works for you)
  • Having low self esteem or a lack of confidence
  • Worrying, ruminating and over thinking about things
  • Negative internal dialogue, where you always put yourself down
  • Unhealthy relationships with food, drugs or alcohol
  • Past trauma that has not been healed from continues to play over in your mind over and over
  • You feel a loss of sense of self, and don’t know who you are

Understand your mind and everything shifts.

There are so many complex layers to this, but here are a few concepts that may help you to recognise the importance of this area.

The mind-body link is proven.

There is evidence to show that the highest risk of heart attack is after losing a loved one. Grief can literally break your heart.

These emotions do impact you physically.

When we are in emotional stress, your body stages a stress response. This then down regulates your digestive capacity and impacts on hormonal function. The net effect of this can be bloating, irregular stools, sleep issues, fatigue and nutritional deficiency.

The cascade of events.

A thought triggers and emotion which triggers a feeling which then impacts your physical body. When you’re nervous, where do you feel it? What about when you’re sad. Our emotions directly impact our physical bodies, and lead to more emotional instability if we don’t process them well.

Your quality of life is at stake.

When we have unprocessed emotions or no tools to help us navigate the swathe of emotions we feel day to day it severely impacts our quality of life. We spend our lives in our heads, overthinking things and making up stories (which usually are not true) about situations in your life.

Your mind shift could be the key to unlocking your full, vibrant health.

When we’re working with our clients at Shift, we always consider the emotional health of the patient. Whether you work with us to address this or someone else in your wellness team, it is something that can’t be ignored if you want to heal.

How we help at Shift

At Shift emotional wellness is built into our DNA. Our founder Katherine Maslen has been working personally in this area for over 20 years, having overcome a childhood with domestic violence, heroin addiction and homelessness. You can read more about her story here. Her personal healing would not have occurred if it was not for the support of the emotional wellness practitioners and therapists along the way, and this story resonates across thousands of our clients where doing healing in this area has really impacted on their treatment success. 

One of the main modalities we offer at Shift is hypnotherapy. This coupled with counselling and psychotherapy is an incredibly effective tool to help you to identify underlying emotions and shift them in a positive direction. 

Hypnosis works on the subconscious mind, which is why you’ll often get more profound results using hypnosis than talk therapy alone. And best of all you can do this from the comfort of your own home, over our online therapy portal. 

Click here to learn more about hypnosis. 
emotional health
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