5 Home Remedies for an Upset Tummy

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Do you want to know does lemon water help stomach pain? Or does vinegar help with stomach ache? Can I drink lemonade for stomach ache or lemonade for upset stomach?  Read on to learn more. 

We all get an upset tummy from time to time and for some people, this can be a regular occurrence.  By an upset tummy, we mean feeling bloated, yukky or even pain around your abdomen after eating. Acid reflux, stomach aches, stomach pains and an upset stomach are more common than you think. 

If this is happening regularly for you, then you may want to see someone to get a diagnosis of what is going on. However, for intermittent issues, try these home remedies to help to settle the stomach.



The acidity of lemons helps to stimulate your gastric secretions, which can get things moving along and reduce congestion. Having it is warm water also helps the process, the warmth can settle the tummy and ease congestion.

DO THIS: The best way is to juice half a lemon and place it in the cup with the chopped-up peels. Then add hot water and wait until it cools to drink. You can add a little raw honey as well if you like to your fresh lemon juice. Delicious! 



This underrated herb has been traditionally used to calm both the digestive tract and the nervous system (which in turn helps the digestive system). In herbal medicine lingo, we call it a carminative – meaning it helps to ease gas, wind and bloating.  

DO THIS: To make place 2 tea bags in hot water and steep until cool enough to drink.



Like its friend chamomile, peppermint tea has carminative properties and can soothe an upset tummy. The essential oils it contains are also spasmolytic, helping to calm cramps and pain.

DO THIS: Place 1-2 tea bags in a cup of hot water and steep until cool enough to drink.



Flaxseeds, or linseeds, have a mucilage coating on the outside that is excellent for soothing an inflamed gut and can also ease constipation (but is NOT a laxative).

DO THIS: Place 1 tbsp in a cup of hot water, steep until cool enough to drink then drain and enjoy.



If you have some apple cider vinegar on hand it can help to stimulate the digestive process and move through any congestion. Like lemon juice, it will stimulate gastric secretions.

DO THIS: Put 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and sip on it over 15min or so. If you can use warm water that is better, but tepid is fine too (not cold).

We don’t advise in drinking lemonade for a stomach ache or upset stomach – it is full of sugar, additives and preservatives. Instead, try one of the healthier options above.

You might notice that the common theme of these remedies is warm water – the warmth will help you digest better. Be careful having a cold drink if your tummy is upset, it can slow things down and halt the process. We hope these remedies help you, but if you need further support you can check out our options to Shift With Us.

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