An 8 week program to calm, clear and connected.

Emotional. Disordered. Unmotivated. Anxious. Sad. Fearful of what others think. Negative self talk. An emotional soup.

These things are far too common, and you don’t have to keep going like this. It’s time to make a Mind Shift.


That’s all we want to be. Happy, serene, calm, centred and not having to deal with the tsunami of stress, emotions, doubts and looping thoughts that plague us every day.

Imagine living your life in a place where you feel calm.

Imagine living day to day without that negative person inside of your head that tells you you’re not enough, or that its’ too hard, or that you can’t do it.

So why aren’t we? What stands between us and happiness?

At Shift, we’ve helped thousands of people to answer this question – and now it’s your turn. Are you ready to make a Mind Shift?

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You have a beautiful mind.

Your mindset, thoughts and emotions are a result of many factors, The mind is such a beautiful thing, but in the face of trauma, stress and negative stimulus your mind can seem to turn against you.

In this 8-week program you’ll learn how to reconnect with yourself and rediscover that you can feel clear, calm and connected with yourself once more.

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This program is for you if...

If you know what you should be doing to help yourself but keep self-sabotaging your attempts to make a change, this is exactly what you need.

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Meet your host - Rebecca Eather

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Counsellor and Coach, I’ve worked with thousands of people to support them through emotional obstacles on their health and wellness journey.

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It's time to make that much-needed Mind Shift so you can live that life you want!
Here's what you get to help you.

Dedicate an hour each week to this course and we promise you’ll notice the shift.


You'll get a video each week explaining what we're working on why it is important. Rebecca will help you connect to the concepts and where you can apply it for yourself.


You'll get a 56 page workbook with self-reflective journalling to do in your to help you to unpack the concepts and gets to know where you sit in this area.

Healing Tools

Hypnosis is a powerful tool to help create deep and lasting change. Each week you'll get a hypnosis self-healing track, as well as a guided meditation to help you break through your blocks.


You'll get access to our private Shift group where you can ask a question on the weekly Q&A (about anything health/wellness related) and get additional support to make your shift.

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Rebecca explains what MindShift is all about.
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Meet your naturopaths, who work under the guidance of Katherine Maslen.
Our team is hand picked and mentored by our founder Katherine Maslen, so you know that you’re getting the best.
MindShift Course 8-Week Program

All the tools you need to shift your emotional state, mindset and make healthy habits that actually serve you.

This course has been thoughtfully put together by Rebecca Eather using her sound scientific knowledge and clinical experience in helping thousands of people to make significant mental shifts.

The neuroscience used in this course will help you to break through your mental blocks and will provide some incredibly useful tools for you to take with you for years to come.

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Your ability to digest food and absorb nutrients determines your health, and your microbiome (the bacteria that live inside you) are so important for preventing disease.

Take the quiz now to discover.
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