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34. Expert Moira Bradfield on Understanding the Microbiomes Role in Vaginal Health and Fertility

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Welcome to The Shift expert series with naturopath, nutritionist and author Katherine Maslen as she explores the state of human health, the dysfunction of the health industry and provides people with the tools, knowledge and understanding to make the shift in their lives. 

In the expert series of The Shift, Katherine explores deeper conversations with the world leaders featured in Season Two, the investigative Docu-Series on Women’s Health. If you want to make the shift towards more informed decisions regarding better health, then this podcast is for you.

Moira Bradfield, founder of Intimate Ecology clinical and education services, is a Naturopath, Acupuncturist and educator with over 20 years clinical experience. She has a passion for helping people experience optimal health in sustainable and sensible ways.
Clinically she has a niche interest in recurrent vaginal infections, optimal vaginal and genitourinary health, hormones and the genitourinary microbiomes (the bacteria and microbes that reside in the vagina and bladder).

Moira holds a Bachelor of Naturopathy Southern Cross University, a Masters degree in Acupuncture from Southern Cross University and is a PhD Candidate at Griffith University, Australia: in the area of the vaginal microbiome and recurrent vaginal infections.
In addition to her role as a Naturopath Moira has lectured extensively about holistic genitourinary health, educating her fellow practitioners to offer support in an often overlooked area.

You can find out more about Moira and her services at www.intimateecology.com.au

In this episode Katherine and Moira Bradfield explore:

  • The stigma around discussing genital and urinary issues
  • The vaginal microbiome and the role it plays in the body
  • Development of a young woman’s microbiome
  • The microbiomes impact on fertility and modification of the vaginal microbiome
  • How microbes are shared and the possible mismatch of microbes between partners
  • Recurrent urinary tract infections (UTI’s), thrush and bacterial vaginosis
  • Recommendations for sanitary products that will benefit vaginal health







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