What our clients have to say!

There’s nothing we love more than hearing the successes of the humans that work with us. Here’s a few of our faves.

“I started coming to Shift to try hypnotherapy for my anxiety and general inability to cope with stress which I believed directly impacted my ability to lose weight (in turn achieving my goals).

I have found the membership experience with Shift very supportive which I definitely needed. Challenges were and are dealing with deep emotional trauma that have lead to the patterns of decision I make now. I feel stronger in my ability to control my emotions and to see things for what they are. I have worked with Rebecca, Sheila and Makensi and they are all so different but fantastic at the same time!
I appreciate all the team’s help at Shift and look forward to moving onwards and upwards!”
Rebecca Quin

” I came to Shift for help with acne, poor gut health, poor sleep, chronic fatigue, anxiety & depression. I was barely even functioning as a human being and had no interest or happiness in life

I was challenged in every single way, and not always good but always constructive! I had to realise that I was in control and I had the power to make the change and accept everyone at Shift with guidance.

I found the team to be simply amazing!!!!! I have experienced many modalities with Shift and I have ALWAYS felt supported, cared for, encouraged & prioritised. I am so grateful for everything you all do, from phone reminders, emails, reception welcomes, every modality being so dedicated to their field & above all – for giving me happiness and motivation for life again!”

Kathyrn Connor

“I was following Katherine on Instagram for about a year. During this time I was on 4 permanent medications before coming down with a chronic sinus infection. Nothing seemed to be working over a period of 6 months so the doctor gave me a medicated nasal spray and suggested I would need to use this for life. As I’m not normally prone to sinus problems I asked for some allergy testing to determine the root cause of the issue and the doctor didn’t feel this was necessary. This was the turning point for me – why wouldn’t our medical profession, those I rely on for guidance and health advice not want me to find out what was causing this issue? When I first visited Shift, I had chronic digestive issues, my body wasn’t absorbing nutrients, I was on the contraceptive pill every day of the year to manage migraines, had a thyroid problem I’ve been managing for 20 years with medication and had chronic stress and sleep problems.

My journey at Shift has been a long journey over a period of two years. Katherine was completely honest with me right from the start that due to the number of issues I had that these couldn’t be resolved in a short period of time – my body needed time to heal. I turned up for my first appointment with an expectation that I would be asked to give up gluten (for which I was fully prepared for). Little did I know that I would be asked to give up dairy (I mean who would voluntarily give up triple cream brie and sour cream), alcohol and coffee for one month. Coffee had become my crutch to get me through the day. I decided if I was serious about my health, I could do one month. I was pleasantly surprised how quickly the month went and how easy it was giving them things up for a short time. My second appointment, it was suggested I try for another month. By the end of month 2, my stomach was starting to feel better, my sinuses were starting to clear, I was sleeping better and I started to have energy. I soon realized that a lot of my health issues were as a result of my lifestyle and medications. The membership included access to workshops on health and well-being and to a range of natural therapies (acupuncture, myofunctional therapy, counseling). The workshops were essential in educating me on the changes I need to make and why. The other natural therapies offered also opened my eyes to alternate ways my body can be supported through the healing process. The journey took two years for me but I can now proudly say I am no longer on any medications including my thyroid medication and I no longer suffer from any of the ailments I previously had. I’ve now become more in tune with what my body needs at any given time.

From the minute you walk in to the minute you walk out, you are supported by a team of amazing people who understand and guide you through your journey. I feel so at home whenever I drop by and have come to see the team as a second family.

Thank you for your patience, love and support along the way; I’ve matured as a person spiritually throughout this journey.”

Natalie Fraser

” I had long term issues with depression, mood, energy, motivation and gut/bowel. I knew nothing about naturopathy but was referred by a friend. I have experienced really positive changes and results from treatments – has helped me to change my nutrition (and understand nutrition) and have seen some positive changes to my mood/energy. Really has been a blessing to part of the clinic.

The biggest challenge is myself and sticking to the plan! (e.g. cutting out gluten – my gut/bowel is now at a fairly good place so find it difficult to turn down gluten products when I’m out/at friends places etc. but understand that there is a bigger picture – links to mental health – so always trying!). I think cutting out milk (and most dairy) had a huge impact on my gut/bowel, I don’t think I realised how intolerant I was until I cut it out! I still have issues with low mood/energy and recurrent depression but I do believe the herbs/supplements were a big help in coming off anti depressant medication (and the pill) and I’m now prescription drug free 🙂 In terms of the membership – I like that the payments were routine direct debit regardless of appointment schedule so that you can focus on your treatment and not think about the costs/money.”
Tania Stephens
“I came to Shift after I had three grand-mal seizures over three years. I had no family history of epilepsy and had not experienced anything like this before. All my test results were normal (CT, EEG, MRI, ECG and blood tests) While the neurologists I saw were not able to confidently diagnose me with epilepsy, they all recommended I take anti-epileptic medication. I left these appointments feeling like I had wasted my time and money. I felt completely out of control and lived in fear of the next time I would have a seizure, but the side effects of the medication were so extreme I didn’t want to take it, and the idea of having a seizure once a year was better to me then taking that medication for life. I read a book called Treating Epilepsy Naturally and one of the chapters recommended giving up gluten.
After 1.5 years gluten-free and seizure free I decided to re-introduce gluten, I had a seizure two weeks later. I then realised the power of food and the direct correlation between what I put into my body and how that affected my brain. I told this to the neurologist but they assured me this would have nothing to do with why I was having seizures and again recommended medication. He told me “Call it what you want” but recommended I start taking two intense medications with numerous side effects. Again I left their office feeling depressed, lost and completely out of control of what was happening to me. I decided to start my own research and believed the best way I could do this was under the care of a naturopath. My goal wasn’t to never have a seizure again (which I haven’t!) but just to ensure that I was doing everything possible to limit these events and regain control and confidence over my health and life.
My membership experience has been amazing. After my initial appointment I had three areas identified to focus on, adrenal fatigue, gut repair and detox. I was quite shocked to learnt my gut was so inflamed as my bowel issues I had before I gave up gluten seemed to be rectified. Even after two weeks of taking the herbs I felt so much better. Giving up coffee for me was a huge challenge, the headache I had for two days was insane, and I think I was also constipated for two weeks as I would usually use coffee to assist me to go to the toilet. This was challenging because my supplement dosage had to increase and I really had to trust in the process and be patient. I am so glad I persisted because my changes in energy, mood and bowel habits are incredible. I didn’t realise anything was wrong with my bowels or energy because I was just used to feeling that way.
I’ve lost 5kg since starting my membership without really actively trying to lose weight or restrict my food intake, instead i’ve just focused on the detox principles and tried to eat as much nutrient dense food I can daily. I also used to suffer severe brain fog which has now also completely disappeared. I think one thing my membership has also helped with is that if I eat something that disagrees with me I can really feel those effects on my body (because I feel so great all the time) now and will avoid it. I also havent had another seizure so that is obviously really amazing. I feel in control of my body and my health. I really wasn’t expecting to feel so good. I have been a member since December and I am very excited to see how much further my health will progress.
Another great part of the membership is the free workshop for friends, my sister was able to attend the Endometriosis workshop and has now incorporated such healthy dietary and lifestyles changes into her everyday life. I think for years my body was suffering, my first complaints of bowel and gut issues were when I was 13 and GP’s told me nothing was wrong. After learning more about the gut brain connection through the naturopath teams it makes complete sense to me that years of eating the wrong things could wreak havoc on the brain. I think the educative parts of the membership are so important and I try dedicate time every week to research a little more into gut health, seizure control or natural medicine. I feel like my knowledge has grown so much under the care of the naturopathic team and Shift.
I saw both Katherine and Sheila and they have both been fantastic. I saw Katherine at the start of my membership and when I got home from my initial consultation I cried tears of happiness because I felt someone was finally listening to me and working with me. It sounds dramatic but after three years of complete frustration, anxiety and being told by neurologists my only option was medication, it was just so relieving to work with someone who was really listening to my story and coming up with a comprehensive and holistic plan. I now see Sheila and she is also amazing. She has such a great knowledge and is always able to alter my supplement dosages around my needs and what I’m doing. She has also taught me emotional wellbeing is a huge factor in health. I leave each appointment feeling totally supported. The reason I came to Shift in the first place was to regain control and confidence over my health, and I have gained that and more.”
Chloe Lynch

“I came to Shift with a total lack of energy/crashing and mood swings; physically and emotionally. Fertility prep. Hormone balancing. Gas/wind/poor digestion. Breast lumps. I think that’s everything… Gosh these effect my whole life especially the first one listed above! From relationships with others and myself, my work, setting and pursuing goals, exercise you name it! Just made me feel like a total failure, stuck, depressed.

I can still remember the effects within the first day and then two weeks! I remember thinking… shit… WHAT’S IN THESE HERBS!?!? They’re great! Honestly also the feeling at the end of my first appointment of relief, hope, help, care/compassion and I guess community too really helped too.  Falling sick and being able to use 100% natural remedies this was the first time EVER in my life I recovered within 24-48 hours naturally! So so good! Again, invaluable! Seriously excited to see the positive waves of change to come!

Working with the Shift team was GREAT! Invaluable. Care/compassion yet truthful, blunt, honest. I particularly enjoy really understanding why my body is where it is, what we are going to do and why/how it is going to help. What we are aiming to achieve with each step we need to take to get there. Because I understand building requires a foundation and many blocks stacked together over time to get that strong beautiful structure I want! Sorry… I would like** 😇 also a last add… I LOVE how everyone in the team knows what you are going through and are all eager to help in anyway that they can.”

Kimberly Thurecht
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