Are you not speaking your truth?

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Feeling frustrated?

Struggling to find your voice?

Feeling like you can’t express what’s going on inside, and worse, you don’t have the right to say what you need to say because it’s full of resentment, bitterness, and anger?

What about feeling guilty about the words that you do say come out angry and resentful and spiteful – especially to those you love?

And then there’s the people pleasing.

Do you find it difficult to say no to people? Is it easier to say yes, even when you don’t want to, because of a belief that you are letting people down if you put yourself first? Is there a part of you that thinks you have to actually deny your own needs in order to feel bonded and loved?

Are you accepting of things that do not deserve your tolerance?

These kinds of patterns are indicative of us not speaking our truth and if this is you, you know just how limiting it is and just how much it instructs your flow, your potential, and your confidence.

When you don’t feel you have a voice it becomes natural to de-value your ideas and opinions – especially if they were not heard and valued when you were young. You learned to question their worth as a child and now you continue to question and struggle to share and express.

Adding to the struggle is the relentless inner critic. If your voice has been trained to live in a dark cave you might find there’s a strong inner-critic to keep it locked up. This voice is judgemental and cautious and second-guesses your natural inclinations, spontaneity, and capacity to shine!

All these ways of thinking about our self and the use of our voice point to a decision that we have made for ourselves that it is not safe to “speak our truth”.

The reason this block has manifested in this way for you usually stems from fears formed in childhood and sustained from patterns of behaviour that have been reinforced and repeated throughout your relationships.

While it can take time, effort, patience, and support to heal this block, unlearn the lessons of the past, and step into the power of speaking your truth – the first thing to remember is that you must give yourself permission first.

Once you have chosen to allow yourself the time and space to learn what it means for you to be in truth, you can begin the work.

One of the most powerful things you can do with your voice actually does not involve speaking to others, it is actually about creatively finding a new vocabulary for your own inner-voice.

When you ignite the power inside to change the language and the tone around your internal narrative and self-perception, you can actually shift how external things affect us and how they respond to you.

This is life-changing and such a vital pillar in your mind-shift as you reframe the fears, doubts, and anxieties inside, so they don’t have to have to sit in the driver’s seat in our lives.

Most importantly you can become clear on your limits and boundaries come clearer and firmer.

This is healing.

This is where we stop betraying ourselves.

This is developing self-trust.

This is where you find your voice.

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