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39. Steph Lowe on Becoming Fat Adapted for Performance and Discovering the Benefits of Real Food

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Welcome to The Shift expert series with naturopath, nutritionist and author Katherine Maslen as she explores the state of human health, the dysfunction of the health industry and provides people with the tools, knowledge and understanding to make the shift in their lives. 

In the expert series of The Shift, Katherine explores deeper conversations with the world leaders featured in season one, the investigative docu-series on the gut. If you want to make the shift towards more informed decisions regarding better health, then this podcast is for you.

In this episode we are joined by Australian sports nutritionist Steph Lowe.  Steph is a powerhouse of knowledge and is known for her work with performance and endurance athletes. Also known as the natural nutritionist, Steph is the author of several books including ‘The real food athlete’ and ‘low carb, healthy fat nutrition’.

Steph and her team at ‘The Natural Nutritionist’ believe in sharing the benefits of real food for health and performance.  Steph is a regular media commentator and host of the podcast ‘the real food reel’. She is a passionate health advocate and you’ll hear her passion come through in this interview. 

In this episode Katherine and Steph explore:

  • The difference between a dietician and a nutritionist 
  • Steph’s journey to becoming a sports nutrition and the personal struggles that helped set her path
  • What it means to be consumed by food and how it shows up for people
  • The performance nutrition culture and misbeliefs causing undue stress in athletes
  • How gut health impacts on performance
  • Becoming fat adapted and the benefits it has on our nutrition
  • Race day nutrition
  • Steph shares her thoughts around what a healthy diet should look like
  • How Steph approached her nutrition and gut health in preparation for pregnancy 
  • Steph’s advice for making the shift


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