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09. Food part 1 – what you’ve always known is a lie

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There seems to be a certain level of discord around the foods we should be consuming. With certain potentially harmful foods and diets gaining popularity it might be time to seek a clearer idea of what is genuinely good for fueling and maintaining our bodies.

Welcome to The Shift, an investigative series that follows naturopath, nutritionist and author Katherine Maslen as she explores the dysfunctional nature of the health industry and provides people with the tools, knowledge and understanding to make the shift in their lives. Each episode of The Shift features interviews with industry experts in gut and general health from across the globe. They accompany Katherine in tackling the difficult questions surrounding global health. If you want to make the shift towards more informed decisions regarding better health, then this podcast is for you.

In episode #9 of The Shift, food part 1 – what you’ve always known is a lie, Katherine investigates the ways that our bodies react to the foods we currently consume. Not only that, she hunts for the reasons behind why we are developing food intolerances, how certain “healthy” diets can affect your body’s ecosystem and which foods we should be avoiding in order to restore a healthy dietary balance. Katherine is joined on this episode by Dr Marvin Singh, Dr Leo Galland, Dr Tom O’Bryan, Dr William Davis, Dr David Perlmutter, Angela Pifer, FMN, CN and Aly Cohen.

This episode also covers:

  • Food intolerance reaction versus reactions to bacterial fermentation
  • Differences between food allergy and food intolerance
  • Dairy and its relation to our gut and body health
  • What’s the problem with wheat and gluten?
  • Modern wheat and its effect on gut health
  • What the differences are between ancient wheat and its current counterpart
  • The emotional attachment to wheat  
  • Navigating the anti-grain movement
  • Raising awareness of the true, modern science behind certain foods
  • Good carbohydrates and dietary fibre  
  • The over intake of carbohydrates by athletes and possible alternatives
  • Foods to avoid to maintain intestinal health


The Shift Episode #09 guests, in order of appearance:

Dr Marvin Singh

Dr Marvin Singh – Website
Dr Marvin Singh – Facebook
Dr Marvin Singh – Instagram
Dr Marvin Singh – Twitter
Dr Marvin Singh – LinkedIn
Dr Marvin Singh – YouTube

Dr Leo Galland

Dr Leo Galland – Website
Dr Leo Galland – Facebook
Dr Leo Galland – Instagram
Dr Leo Galland – Twitter
Dr Leo Galland – LinkedIn
Dr Leo Galland – YouTube

Dr Tom O’Bryan

Dr Tom O’Bryan – Website
Dr Tom O’Bryan – Facebook
Dr Tom O’Bryan – Instagram
Dr Tom O’Bryan – Twitter
Dr Tom O’Bryan – LinkedIn
Dr Tom O’Bryan – YouTube

Dr William Davis

Dr William Davis – Website
Dr William Davis – Facebook
Dr William Davis – Instagram
Dr William Davis – Twitter
Dr William Davis – LinkedIn
Dr William Davis – Pinterest
Dr William Davis – YouTube

Dr David Perlmutter

Dr David Perlmutter – Website
Dr David Perlmutter – Facebook
Dr David Perlmutter – Instagram
Dr David Perlmutter – Twitter
Dr David Perlmutter – LinkedIn
Dr David Perlmutter – YouTube

Angela Pifer, FMN, CN

Angela Pifer FMN, CN – Website
Angela Pifer, FMN, CN – Facebook
Angela Pifer, FMN,CN  – Twitter
Angela Pifer, FMN, CN – LinkedIn
Angela Pifer, FMN, CN – Pinterest

Aly Cohen

Aly Cohen – Website
Aly Cohen – Facebook
Aly Cohen – Instagram
Aly Cohen – Twitter
Aly Cohen – LinkedIn


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