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33. Pedram Shojai on Upgrading your Operating System and How Taoism Chose Him

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Welcome to The Shift expert series with naturopath, nutritionist and author Katherine Maslen as she explores the state of human health, the dysfunction of the health industry and provides people with the tools, knowledge and understanding to make the shift in their lives. 

In the expert series of The Shift, Katherine explores deeper conversations with the world leaders featured in season one, the investigative docu-series on the gut. If you want to make the shift towards more informed decisions regarding better health, then this podcast is for you.

In this episode Katherine interviews Doctor of Oriental Medicine Pedram Shojai.  Known as the Urban Monk, Pedram’s goal is to assist people in learning how to up their energy, take back their time, and step into their passion.  

Pedram is the founder of Well.org and Urban Monk Nutrition.  He is the producer of the movies ‘Vitality’ and ‘Origins’.  And the author of multiple books including The Urban Monk.  Pedram is also a Qi Gong master and we learn more about this during the interview.    

In this episode Katherine and Pedram explore:

  • Pedrams backstory and how a chance encounter with a book would shape his journey
  • Studying Taoism under a Kung-fu master and embracing the philosophies for a better lifestyle
  • How Pedram came across traditional Chinese medicine and chose to make it is his profession 
  • Pedrams take on the current mainstream health model and what needs to change?
  • An honest look at how humans are currently existing and how to improve it
  • Why Pedram made ‘Interconnected’ and how the films success has helped thousands of people
  • Being aware of Big Foods control over what is going into our food products and the links to our high obesity rates
  • Pedrams advice for making the shift


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