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What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy may seem like a mystery, but it has a solid background in neuroscience. Think of clinical hypnotherapy – a type of hypnosis – as a gentle and effective way to change your negative beliefs, release negative emotions and help you shift feelings, thoughts and habits that you no longer need. These alternative medicine approaches have a lot of research and support showing their effectiveness in a therapeutic context.

At Shift at Brisbane Natural Health, we have a specialist clinical hypnotherapist team that uses hypnotherapy to help our patients to overcome anxiety and depression, overcome fears, increase confidence, release stuck emotions, quite smoking and even break habits like overeating. Hypnotherapy can help you overcome obstacles, improve your self esteem, increase your self confidence, make positive life changes, lose weight and help prevent panic attacks.

Your mental well-being is so important. You can use hypnosis as a means to help to strengthen this part of you – giving you the ability to make good choices and strive for what makes you happy. In providing professional hypnotherapy at our Brisbane hypnosis clinic just outside the Brisbane CBD we offer a private and soothing environment. We also offer online session options for people living outside of Brisbane.

In the last fifty years, evidence-based research into the effectiveness of hypnotherapy has provided significant insights into the therapeutic value of Clinical Hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy treatment is outside of typical mainstream medicine but done right, it is a powerful tool with proven programs that will help you feel empowered and present to live a meaningful life. You can read more about Does Hypnotherapy Work? in our blog here.

What can hypnotherapy help with?

Seeing a hypnotist at Shift at Brisbane Natural Health could help you with a range of health issues, including but not limited to:

If you are feeling constant worry, want to change negative beliefs, looking to deal with anger management or something as simple as wanting to eat healthier, our proven hypnosis programs can help. Our Brisbane hypnosis clinic has a team of experts with years of experience in helping people achieve positive life changes to improve their self esteem, quit smoking, lose weight and relieve their anxiety.

About our Shift Brisbane Hypnosis Clinic


An initial hypnotherapy appointment is $195 and is approximately 90 minutes long. Return hypnosis appointments are $180 and are one hour long. Our well-known Quit Smoking Program is $695 for the hypnosis session.


You can book your own appointment using our easy online appointment scheduler 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Book your hypnotherapy appointment here.

The current wait time for an appointment is approximately 1-3 weeks – be sure to check the next few weeks for availability in your search results. If you have an urgent concern that cannot wait, please call us on 07 3367 0337 and we will do our best to fit you in earlier.


When you arrive at Shift at Brisbane Natural Health you will start your appointment with our hypnotist learning more about you and what you’d like to work on using hypnotherapy. During the 60-min session, we spend a lot of time guiding you into a relaxed state. We want to create an environment where you feel safe and secure and able to share your issues. We have an amazing team who will make sure you are comfortable during and after your session.


Hypnotherapy can help to facilitate some profound changes in your body. Patients that benefit the most are those that have identified that they have some habits, behaviours or thought processes that are not healthy.

There are several reasons to try hypnotherapy for anxiety and depression or weight loss or for quit smoking hypnosis at Shift at Brisbane Natural Health. Our team offer a range of hypnosis and counselling services and have years of combined experience to help you.

Hypnotherapy is safe, affordable and effective for the treatment of many issues. Think of it as healing and strengthening the mental and emotional part of you, the part where we often store our most deep-seated fears and the part which can stop us from reaching our full potential.

Our Brisbane Hypnotherapists

Our clinic is home to Gary Cosier, one of the best hypnotherapists in Brisbane who has over 10 years of experience. Gary will give you an in-depth understanding of human development and the impact your environment can have on your everyday life – on decision-making, emotional stress, depression, weight management, self-esteem, sleep patterns and many other life issues that can affect your well-being. He also specialises in sports psychotherapy and hypnosis to support you through your exercise journey.

What we treat and help

Our hypnotherapy service at Shift at Brisbane Natural Health can help you through a range of health and emotional wellness issues including:

How hypnotherapy works

When you think of hypnosis, you may imagine what you’ve seen on TV during stage hypnosis or in a movie. Clinical hypnosis is very different and it can’t make you do anything that you don’t want to do. When you’re in hypnosis, it is called being in a trance state.

Trance is like being in deep meditation. Your body will be relaxed and you’ll usually feel incredibly calm and relaxed. This in itself is an enormous relief from the symptoms of anxiety.

In this relaxed state you can now access your subconscious mind, those deeper parts of yourself that are sometimes not immediately apparent.

Over 90% of your mind is subconscious and this is where our most deep-seated beliefs and values are stored. By accessing this part of ourselves, we can make significant changes and help to release emotions and past traumas so that you can heal and overcome your anxiety symptoms.

It is in the safety of the relaxed state of hypnosis that you can more easily process the triggers of your health concern. 

This means you can begin to build a bridge between the fearful experience and the present so you can teach your mind and body to trust that it is now safe and you can choose how you would like to respond in any given circumstance.

After your visit

Our hypnotherapy sessions are a relaxing, connected experience and usually, you will leave the room feeling calmer and with some great insights into your mental and emotional health. Your hypnotherapist will discuss any extra sessions you may need to help you on your healing journey. 

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